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Making Post Earrings with Metal Clay
Pam East

Making Post Earrings with Metal Clay

It's easy to make post earrings in metal clay. The trick is using titanium posts. It works in copper clay, bronze clay and silver clay. Titanium is also hypoallergenic. It's used in joint replacements, heart devices and more because the body does not react to it. In this video I will be using Art Clay Bronze, but will provide firing information for Art Clay Silver and Art Clay Copper as well. IMPORTANT: Never fire Titanium posts over 1500F(815C) or they will become brittle and could break. Fire longer to compensate if a higher firing is usually called for. Schedules for Art Clay Silver, Copper and Bronze are included in the video. Check with your manufacturer for other brands. Art Clay Bronze, Copper and Silver: Titanium Posts: Steam Table Pans: For full project videos please visit my page at Subscribe to Pam's newsletter at You can find all Pam's links at Chapters 00:00 Start 00:45 Titanium Posts 01:34 Silver, Copper and Bronze Earrings 02:41 Setting a post in Art Clay Bronze 06:51 Setting up carbon for base metal clay 09:37 Positioning the pan in the kiln 10:31 Firing Schedule for Art Clay Bronze 10:53 Firing Schedule for Art Clay Copper 11:04 Firing Schedule for Art Clay Silver


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