What is Twitch?

There are a variety of video platforms out there for delivering educational content. I use several and it can get confusing. Let me see if I can clear it up.

YouTube is where I post short free videos on single concepts or techniques. These are not full project videos. The content is pre-recorded and there is no live interaciton. You can see my YouTube channel here.

CraftCast is a platform for purchasing full instructional project videos. Each 1.5 to 2.5 hour project includes step-by-step video instrucitons, pdf handouts and more. Watch the live broadcast and take part in the Q&A and/or watch the recorded broadcast afterwards whenever and as often as you like later. You can see my CraftCast projects here.

Twitch is all about live interaction. It's about building communities, real-time socializing and sharing what you love. Twitch was orginally developed by gamers to stream their gaming to their communities, however it's expanding now into other areas and has an entire catagory for "Makers & Crafters."

On Twitch you'll see me working on my own pieces in real time; nothing is pre-recorded and it's much less formal. You'll be able to ask me questions and chat with me and others in the chat room. I won't be teaching specific lessons or presenting projects, but you can still learn a lot from watching me work and asking me about things. Plus its just fun to hang out and talk! My live streams will be recorded and will be available for a limited time, but the real fun is catching me when I'm online live and taking part. It's free!

You can see my Twitch channel here. Let me give you a few tips on using Twtich

  • Open an account. It's free!

  • If you are viewing on a mobile device (phone or tablet) get the app. Also free.

  • If you are viewing on a computer just go to twitch.tv

  • If you are asked to choose three categories/channels, I recommend:

  • Makers & Crafting

  • Art

  • PamEastMetalClay

  • There is a small heart and bell in the upper right hand corner of the screen just above the video.

  • Heart - That's your "favorites" button and will make it easier to find me. Favoriting my stream also helps me at no cost to you.

  • Bell - Notifications. You can choose to get notifications when I'm live streaming so you don't miss me. Or you can turn that off if notifications annoy you.

That's about all you need to know to get started! I hope you'll join me!

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