Twitch 101

Twitch is a great way to watch me work, ask questions, visit and chat. It's live streaming at it's best. Getting started is a piece of cake!

  1. Click the channel link to go to my page

  2. Open an account if you don't already have one. It's fast, free and easy. No credit card required. Just click the purple "Sign up" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Here's a little guide to what to expect.

  1. Channel Name.

  2. Home - This is the tab where the live stream happens.

  3. Videos - Here you will find recordings of previous streams

  4. Follow - Clicking the heart will follow the channel, making it easier to find in the future. You will also get notifications when I go live.

  5. Notifications - Use the bell to toggle notifications on or off according to your preference.

  6. Subscribe - There are two ways to subscribe; through Amazon Prime or by paying $4.99 per month. Amazon Prime is free with your membership. Go to and sign up. Once you've signed up, come back to the channel and click the subscribe button and you will see the prime option. Subscribers help me support the stream and continue to provide free educational content. I also do giveaways once a week for subscribers only. This can be a jewelry piece I was working on, or other surprises.

  7. If you do not see the red LIVE notice in the upper right hand corner of my screen then I am NOT LIVE and you are watching a recording. The recordings are a great resource, but you can't ask it questions!

  8. Chat Stream - this is where you will see the various viewers asking questions and chatting. You can join the fun at the bottom of the chat stream. There is a box where you can type your own questions and comments. I will answer verbally. There is a several second delay between you typing something in and me seeing it, so be patient.

If you scroll down on my home screen you will also find information about my stream, links to my social media and other helpful information. Ready to come play? See you there soon! Pam

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