Paragon SC Series Kilns


The Paragon SC Kilns fire Art Clay Silver, Precious Metal Clay PMC, glass fusing, enameling, jewelry and beads in minutes up to 2000F. Plugs in to standard 120v household current. The perfect kiln for all your home craft needs! 

Click here to read an article on the "Care and Feeding" of your SC Kiln. 

The window view port option is especially useful for enameling and glass fusing. Watch the glass or enamel progress through every stage of firing to the precise point you desire. NOTE: Always wear firing safety glasses when viewing the kiln interior.

The bead door option allows this versatile kiln to double as a bead annealer.

If you have more questions, or to order a kiln please contact Pam East or call her at 678-566-0447.

SC Features

  • Fully programmable, it fires automatically at the rate and temperature you enter.
  • The kiln runs on standard 120v household power. No need to install heavy duty circuits.
  • Use the hold feature to soak any type of silver clay to its recommended time.
  • Door opens 180 degrees for easy loading
  • Electrical components in the base stay cool even at extended hold times
  • The embedded element heats from the two sides and back
  • Top vent complete with tapered plug for lost wax casting, firing leaded enamels or cork clay
  • Includes a 1/4” thick ceramic fiber shelf
  • Built-in base; no extra stand needed
  • Optional SC-2 glass view port. (Note: Although kiln is rated to 2000F, it is recommended that window models not hold temps over 1700 for extended periods of time.)
  • Optional 6 1/2” wide bead door with mandrel holder
  • Includes One Year Factory Warranty
  • Optional Available with European or Australian power supply (240v) at no additional charge

PLEASE NOTE: Kilns are shipped from the factory directly to you. It can take up to three weeks for kilns to ship out depending on factory inventory.

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