Paragon E & Q Series Kilns


Create breathtaking jewelry or small keepsakes using almost any medium you can imagine: enameling, china painting, glass, lost wax casting, and ceramics, metal clay and more. Since the kiln opens from the front instead of the top, it is ideal for enameling.

These E series kilns come with the Sentry Xpress 3-key computer controller which is packed with features. The controller is mounted in the kiln base (instead of a side switch box) to save table space.

If you have questions or to order a kiln, please contact Pam East or call her at 678-566-0447.

A window view port option is available in some models.This is especially useful for enameling and glass fusing. Watch the glass or enamel progress through every stage of firing to the precise point you desire. NOTE: Always wear firing safety glasses when viewing the kiln interior.

The heating elements, exposed in dropped, recessed insulating firebrick grooves, are easy to replace. The firebricks store plenty of heat for slow cooling through the glass annealing range. For small glass pieces such as jewelry, you can anneal without having to turn the elements back on during cooling. (Extra heat is necessary for annealing large pieces, however.)

Unlatch and open the door with one hand. No extra stand is needed; the built-in base stays cool during operation.

PLEASE NOTE: Kilns are shipped from the factory directly to you. It can take up to three weeks for kilns to ship out depending on factory inventory.

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