Paragon Kilns

Pam East is an Authorized Paragon Kiln distributor. She has completed a basic course in kiln maintenance at the Paragon Factory.   Her company was named one of Paragons Top Selling Distributors for 2007.   

SC Series Kilns - Great for metal clay and enameling

E & Q Series Kilns - Mulit-use including enamel, metal clay and more

Firefly Kiln - Very small starter kiln

Athough only a few models are detailed here on this site, Pam will be delighted to help you with any Paragon product.  Questions about a kiln you already own? Need help choosing the right model for your needs?  Ready to make a purchase and want discounted pricing? Contact Pam

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Read an article on the "Care and Feeding" of your kiln.

Prices and shipping do NOT include duty, customs or taxes. It is the responsiblity of the buyer to pay these fees when the kiln arrives. 

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